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Shocking footage shows road rage gunman shooting a school bus driver in front of a terrified student after a collision in snowy minneapolis. Bitch bye never will i let someone elses actions make me regret my race. Cell video of a bus driver punching a passenger that went viral recently. My next example is a website by the name of world star hiphop, as the name suggests it is a site where the latest hiphop music videos and interviews are shared and posted. The mission of truth in reality is to change the way women of color and violence are portrayed in the media, especially on reality television. We interviewed q, the mind behind worldstarhiphop, one of the most ludicrous and ludicrously. The grand report is an american hip hop, urban, news video blog site that show emphasis on current events, reality tv and random shock videos from across the world. Bus driver fights back following assault winnipeg sun. Please pray for us bodies seen taken away in a tractor trailer truck.

The woman who was on the receiving end of the punch is talking only. More likely she was shooting it because she was a friend of the bully, and these idiots love to put them up on youtube or world star hip hop. Surveillance video shows moment school bus driver is shot in. Boy wanted that smoke with a little girl but 2 brothers protected their sister. Woman gets caught stealing and fights with owner duration. The project is meant to hold all kinds of content, whether it be original or from any other kind of medium.

He is well and alive but some may find it graphic james gunn needs to make some sequels over here. Bus driver gets up and launches an epic volley of blows on his melon. Hip hop is truly globaltake a trip around the world. Bus driver who admitted to raping a 14yearold girl gets. Dec 23, 20 as she hears her name, the worlds first and only transgender professional mma fighter steps up to the stage and the crowd goessilent. She should have done something about it, instead of filming. A cleveland transit bus driver has been suspended after a video surfaced that shows him punching a female passenger in the face. Uploaded september 30, 2018 pick your fights carefully.

Dec 27, 2018 worldstarhiphop girl fights bus driver the student appears to punch and kick the driver multiple times as the driver tries to hold the girl down. Spanish tourism chaos as bus driver is kicked and punched by couple in ibiza a bus driver was kicked, punched and has his pants pulled down in. Cleveland bus driver suspended after punching female rider a cleveland bus driver was suspended after punching a female rider. The incident was caught on video later posted on world star hip hop, a site that often features candid footage of brawls. The game features an class system, elemental strengths and weaknesses, and spirits of various characters as equipment. The regional transit authority in cleveland says the confrontation. The disturbing twoandahalf minute long clip shows a teen being stripped naked in the streets and beaten with a belt all while strangers walk by. Bus driver fired, teen charged after fight in kenosha, wis. A school bus driver in new york who admitted to raping a 14yearold girl who was on his bus route has avoided jail time and was sentenced to probation. Bus driver punches girl in the face epic hit youtube.

Uploaded october 12, 2012 it felt like i was on mortal kombat. The video, recorded by a fellow passenger, was posted on and youtube and. Wwny reported that 25yearold shane piche will be on probation for 10 years and must register as a sex offender immediately. The 4minute, 28second clip shows mcknight getting into an altercation with a group of young black men next to a bus parked at. Uploaded march 30, 2020 wshh fight comp episode 129. Man busts in on his girlfriend in bed with another guy. Video surfaced recently of a fight between a teen and a wisconsin bus driver, who was fired for the incident, cbs 58 reports the raw video shows. Teen sucker punches bus driver, bus driver fights back and gets fired duration. Teenage girl punched bus driver 30 times a 17yearold girl has been charged with assault and affray after a midnight incident on a bus in southwestern sydney. I think it had like 20 million worldstarhiphop girl fights bus. Flyheight the most entertaining video website in the world.

The pulse of hip hop artists set to honor minister farrakhan. Dude hits a girl with a bunch of right punches for attacking him. And to see a bus driver lose his temper like that and gave that uppercut. Man without face fears unborn child will look like. From political violence across the pond and the struggles and dreams of the american working class, to race relations, sexuality, and gender, no topic was left unexcavated by the pop, rock, and hip hop artists of the reagan era. As she hears her name, the worlds first and only transgender professional mma fighter steps up to the stage and the crowd goessilent. Cleveland bus driver suspended for punching teenage passenger. Were hitting geh levels that should not be possible thats why i have trust issues.

Literally the dogs dick going in the girls vagina, man. Apr 07, 2016 whats your stance i had to disable comments because you were all getting too crazy. Girl who got hit with the only uppercut by bus driver speaks out. Uploaded november 16, 2018 bus driver wrong for leaving. Every oscar best picture winner, ranked page 8 of 9 slant. The bus driver was shot in the head shortly after 2pm.

Cleveland bus driver suspended after punching female rider. End of friendship funny vid, best funny pictures, end of. George lopez tells a racist joke about black people then goes off on a heckler. Newark a disturbing video making the rounds online has triggered a police investigation in newark. Uploaded january 30, 2020 wshh fight comp episode 127. Jul 07, 2015 the fight took place after a hip hop concert caught on camera. Uploaded february 28, 2020 wshh fight comp episode 128. May, 2014 4umf news bambi is pregnant but scrappy wants erica p. Whatever happened to cleveland bus driver artis hughes. Video footage shows a teenager from tremper high school in kenosha, wis. Cnns jeanne moos reports on instant karma caught on camera. Its a humid october night in miami, and fallon fox is.

Especially when you throw punches like a 3 year old. Bambi is pregnant but scrappy wants erica p straight from celebnmusic247 scrappy has a lot on his plate right now with a new baby on the way with bambi, momma dee and the throne and setting to soy his loins with erica p. Maybe filming it was a way of proving it to show authorities later. Guy repeatedly punches bus driver for not letting him get off the bus. Look some of the hottest hip hop honeys, hip hop models, hip hop video models, hip hop vixens, girl with girl, video honeys and video girls. Davey ds old news headlines davey ds hip hop cornerwhere. A 14yearold girl has been given a four month detention order for punching an 87yearold woman on a bus in south london. City police have identified a man arrested wednesday after a winnipeg transit driver was spat on and the two traded blows in an exchange caught on cellphone video. Drunk womans face becomes a punching bag for allegedly choking an 11 year old girl. The young woman and the bus driver still try to get in some punches and hairpulling as they are separated. Excellent form from start to finish haha funny, funny vid.

An unruly passenger is seen repeatedly punching a bus driver and then kicking the front door after his request to get off early was reportedly denied. Nova road racers is a communityled racing kart game with rpg elements. Driver uppercuts the sht outta 25yearold girl in cleveland. Cincinnati police deny beating of white man by black. World star hip hop provides home for fights, sex and violence. Facebook gives people the power to share and makes the world more open and connected. Dramatic moment bus driver brawls with man in street as pair hurl punches in front of shocked passengers the stagecoach driver grapples with the. Drunk man wakes up and smashes bus windows with a shovel. Aug 24, 2010 martina stewart ac360 digital producer cnn former usda employee shirley sherrod insists that the white house was behind the rush decision in july to ask her to resign after a conservative web publisher released an edited video clip that seemed to show her recounting racist behavior on her part. Download now worldstarhiphop girl fights bus driver. Through digital advocacy, public awareness campaigns and. Video shows fight between wisconsin bus driver and teen.

What you think theyre going to do to me girl starts crying when. Man commits suicide in port harcourt, jumps from 8. Meme status submission year unknown origin unknown tags subway, fight, bus, transit, public transportation, train about. A virginia bus rider, upset after missing his bus, used dc metro to catch up with the bus, then allegedly punched the driver in the face. Shidea lane, 25, says that bus driver, artis hughes, 59, instigated the incident that led to the uppercut watched around the world and she still cant believe that he hit her. Dramatic moment bus driver brawls with man in street as. Boxer shannon briggs gets into an altercation with ksis team and punches a spectator. Oct 23, 2014 bus driver bags pursesnatcher with a bat.

Gay vs girl fight at a bus stop gets thrown in a ditch video. Barely a month after a cleveland bus driver uppercut a disruptive female passenger on his route, another brawl between a bus operator and teenager on. Hip hop outlawthe inside story of the mixtape bust. A female bus driver got out of her seat and attacked a teenage student girl passenger after telling her to.

How do you feel about the fact that now when a fight breaks out, people start yelling worldstar. Neighbors jump a 11yearold girl for defending her mother who was playing loud music then punches a cop. Bus driver gets into a fight with a female passenger after being confronted. Nova road racers fantendo nintendo fanon wiki fandom. Feb 01, 2012 world star hip hop provides home for fights, sex and violence. Scooter driver arguing with bus driver gets hit by a. However, what this website is famously known for is its frequent postings of explicit content, often violent fights and most frequently twerk videos. Worldstarhiphop girl fights bus driver the student appears to punch and kick the driver multiple times as the driver tries to hold the girl down. Join facebook to connect with mahlik brown and others you may know. So i uploaded this clip of a bus driver completely boxing off this ladys face after she blatantly assaulted the manive added some interesting sound e. The transit authority in cleveland is investigating after a fight between a passenger and a bus driver was caught on video and published to youtube. The greater cleveland regional transit authority is investigating after a fight between a passenger and a bus driver was caught on video and published to youtube. Are you more likely to punch that busdriver, or less.

The teenager, who cannot be named for legal reasons, was sentenced at. An electric scooter user punches the bus driver for allegedly almost hitting him. Sep 14, 2018 the bus driver had everyone scared tony mcdew with hptv ch63 on location at about 1. Bus driver uppercuts female passenger video youtube. This was the 22 year veteran who delivered an upper cut to an unruly female passenger named shidea lane well, that driver was fired from his job and charged with assault last november. A cleveland, ohio, bus driver dealt quite the blow to a woman who. The videos are typically disseminated through sites like youtube, liveleak, and world star hip hop origin.

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