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But what were going to do is basically usethat thumb on the sixth string and then the fourth string,and jumping around to different chords. This book is essentially a drawingtogether of the key lessons that nick has been using. Thats never sounded very good to me, as that interval i. The alternatingbass approach works great for music in 44 time, because each 44 measure allows for an even balance between two bass notes beats one and three, and two chord strums beats two and four. On the basis of these properties, the guitar chord generating algorithm based on random walk method has been proposed. We also talk about a hammeron technique that goes along with the alternating bass. This book is essentially a drawingtogether of the key lessons that nick has been using in. One two and three four one two and three and four one two and three and four and. Montreal double bassist and composer nicolas caloia started the ratchet. And this just means that your thumbis going to jump around a little bit. Book from murphys magic pdf impuzzibilities by jim steinmeyer book from murphys magic still ends up being the first choice as an this is basic, check out the soft documents of the book subsequent impuzzibilities by jim. Alternating two or three bass strings stefan grossmans. Alternating bass is an easy way to add some bass movement to your chord accompaniments that will really make them swing.

I am learning bass guitar on my own and muting looks challenging. Heres a few quick exercises to help you nail alternating. Nicolas guitarnick website where you have access to a massive selection of free video tutorials and associated free pdf downloads. To move the 12 half steps that make up an octave on the bass guitar, simply move two frets closer to the body of the bass guitar and down two strings. Coltrane, davis, ellington, shorter, mingus, monk and more. When you pick with your right hand, you want to landon the string above it. You might want to practice just going between those notesuntil that feels really comfortable. Click graphic to play audio deactivate arrows on your keyboard for page navigation with alt k. Nicola mandorino author of alternating bass guitar. While chord scale theory is the prevailing pedagogy in jazz, it is not the most direct path to meaningful improvisation, which would be to address the. Guitar music features a wide array of special markings including bends, prebends, slides, hammerons and pulloffs, and so on all of which can be produced easily in sibelius. Alternating bass is when the bass part cycles back and forth between two notes usually on separate strings. The basic c major chord in the first position is a great example of a fifth string root chord that will alternate bass notes between the fifth and fourth string.

What we have at this point is the basic alternating bass strum pattern that can be used in a. The two had been friends and collaborators since 1969, and their methods and extensive. Ninth chord including the extension of minor seventh b7 and major ninth 9 for different string sets with display of the fingering on the guitar neck. In this lesson section we have covered a number of easy bass note patterns often used by bass players. Using alternate bass in guitar chords open slash chords. Bass guitar notes lesson for beginners a quick guide. Common patterns summary common bass patterns studybass. Italian composer and bassplayer massimo pupillo zu and australian. Alright, so now lets try some alternating bass patterns. Open quick view dialog for music minus one giuliani guitar concerto no.

For chords with the root on the fifth string, alternating bass will typically be played between the fifth string and the fourth string. For example, c major will typically be played with c in the bass. Note that the full ebooks include 196 pages, featuring 192. Coordinate the left and right hand on the accordion how to. He was using this approach in a class and that approach really help to unlock the changes as well as the fingerboard and open up your ears in a very melodic way. Since were dealing with lowpitched bass notes, this technique is usually played on the three lower strings.

An octave pattern consists of playing a note on the bass guitar and then playing the same note but one octave higher or lower. We looked at roots to chords, octaves, roots and fifths, the rootfifthflat seventh pattern, the rootfifthsixth pattern, and approach notes. The biggest challenge when attempting alternating bass for the first time is changing chords. In a bass guitar, how do i mute the strings that i am not. Hal leonard bass method the complete edition learn to play the. For example, one skipping regularly between a and e fifths, thirds or roots are common. Okay so now we know the open strings and how to move along the musical alphabet. The open g c sounds much different than playing 5th fret of the same pitch. Get the guaranteed lowest prices on new music minus one bass guitar methods instruments at musicians friend. Use alternating bass patterns on acoustic guitar how to. The bassment free bass guitar transcriptions in standard. Try alternating between the open d string and the open a string just like we did with a and e. Fingerpicking lessons 5660, alternating bass guitar method.

Nicola mandorino was born in taranto, italy in 1963. Considering the diversities between the verse and chorus, a twotiered network containing a verse network and a chorus network has been constructed to accompany the verse and chorus, respectively. He started studying the piano at the age of 14 and also began teaching himself the guitar. Remember, the more you practice and the more theory you know, the better youll sound and the better able youll be to play what you hear. Basics of bass guitar playing 8 there are usually about 20 something frets on a standard bass guitar. Alternating bass guitar method fingerpicking lessons. This can be seen in the first two bars of exercise 1. This lesson shows you how to play alternating bass rhythms with open chords. All transcriptions from the archive are free to use for educational purposes, all available in tab and notation. This is used very often in folk and blues,in country fingerpicking patterns. That said, the reason you dont see too many 3string alternating bass on the g chord is the 3rd bass note would almost have to be the b note which is also the 3rd of the chord, not to confuse matters played on the 2nd fret of the a string. Complete and progressive method for fingerpicking guitar paperback february 1, 2015.

As you gain more experience learning and creating basslines, you will be surprised just how much this handful of. The majority of the presentation will focus on walking bass lines in a 44 meter. Language sitemap guitar arpeggio major fingering major arpeggio fingering in a version 1 root. Sorry for being confusing i should have been more clear. I would like to thank you for sharing your thoughts. Alternating bass guitar method fingerpicking lessons complete with video examples book. Download it once and read it on your kindle device, pc, phones or tablets. All right, weve learned notes on the g stringand on the d string. Hal leonard corporation is the world leader in the music print industry, producing sheet music, songbooks, and method bookcd packs for all instruments, as well as band and choral arrangements, reference books, instructional dvds, cdroms and other music software. While some knowledge of music theory is necessary, excellent bass lines can be. It doesnt make a big difference if you have 20, 22, or 24 frets on your guitar. I dont have this book, but i can speak for my experience studying with paul d. Fretboard navigation method for 6string bass low b based on an instrument specific modification of the caged guitar method, using linked octave shapes rather than open position chord shapes for ease and simplicity of use.

Next, try alternating between the c on the 3rd fret of the a string and the g on the 3rd fret of low e string. This can be used in many styles of the guitar, but is commonly associated with classical and folk generally fingerstyle play. An incredible 400 songs from the jazz giants of the last 40 years. This just means that you can play a couple notes higher on the guitar and those notes. And here is a small sample of great books of transcriptions from a range of artists, many including performance and gear notes. Chordbuddy guitar method volume 1 and more guitar method. After a short period of study with the classical guitar, he discovered that the playing style used with this instrument had a close relationship to that method of playing used in jazz and fingerpicking. Such humming produces an unpleasant clash in the harmony. Home chords alternate bass using alternate bass in guitar chords open slash chords chords are mostly played with the root in the bass, the lowest sounding note in the chord. How to use alternating bass patterns on acoustic guitar. Use features like bookmarks, note taking and highlighting while reading alternating bass guitar method fingerpicking lessons complete with youtube video. Alternating bass in four easy steps guitar alliance. We have run an ad in their program for years, and a pdf of the program is online.

In this installment, youll learn how to play alternating bass patterns in the key using open g, c, d, and em chords on acoustic guitar. Hammerons are a regular part of guitar and bass playing, to be able to play legato, but also so you can drink your pint while still playing the bass line in a gig. New music minus one bass guitar methods musicians friend. Bass clef notes on the fretboard lefthanded pdf 536kb to print the notes of any scale or chord for any string instrument, remember you can use the fretboard diagram printer in the tools section. Lots of progressive lessons and songs with free tabs and videos. Me personally as a bass player, i do not play open strings on the g c on my 6 string bass. A technique involving plucking two alternating bass notes. Our transcriptions are by bass players, for bass players. Say the names of the bass guitar notes and you move along one fret at a time. This would be an alternating bass line for a c chord. This guitar lesson focuses on playing with a pick using an alternating bass technique. The perceived motion is derived from the bouncy bass line that alternates between a and e. Tricks and shortcuts to find all versions of a bass guitar note.

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