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Matthew patrick creator of film theory, game theory, and cohost of gtlive. The reason i started hating the channel is because of how inaccurate he was on his for honor video. Viacom tapped social influencer matthew patrick, known to his fans as matpat, to consult on the tv giants social media and branded content strategy. Matpat can make a decent theory sometimes but he isnt perfect. The film theorists, his spinoff second channel, is where he hosts film theory, a game theory spinoff focusing instead on cinema and television. The film theorists, otherwise shortened to film theory, is a spinoff channel created by matpat. The main focus of the theorist channels are edutainment videos on the topic of video games, film, and television. Hi, im matpat from youtubes game theory and film theory. Also the incredibles video, in the title it asks which if the incredibles is the most incredible.

Matpat himself hosts game theory, the channels main show, in which he posts theories backed by research about aspects of games, including their lore and scientific, mathematical and historical aspects. Premium and exclusive gear available for every loyal theorist. The film theorists channel was launched on may 12, 2014, and has been viewed 896,949,364 times as of december 2018. Its an emotional yet exciting movie, i just got done watching it and i was wondering where does it take place.

The channel posts videos analyzing video games and theories based on them. Today were going to focus on one of my favorites the minecraft enderman. Inspired designs on tshirts, posters, stickers, home decor, and more by independent artists and designers from around the world. The one thing id ask is for you to subscribe to the new film theory channel and share so we can spread the love of. Creator of film theory, game theory, and cohost of gtlive. Matpat is an information addict and producer of game theory. Meta runner theory for matpat is tari and sofias sister the same person. Facebook is showing information to help you better understand the purpose of a page. Dear matpat, i am an 10 year old fan that got inspired by you to be. June 2, 2015 theorists, im so excited to share this project with you after literally years of you asking for something like it. Meta runner theory for matpatis tari and lucinia the.

Love both game theory and film theory but wanted to know if you cons. Its matpat from the game theorists and film theorists on youtube. Matpat theorists, im so excited to share this project. The game theorist the game theorists matpat matthew matpat patrick matthew matpat patrick matpat from game theory film theory.

Meta runner theory for matpat is tari and lucinia the same person. I hope this information is usefull please let matpat know somehow. The official merch store for matpat and the game theorist. Also, matpat tends to copy theories from reddit im looking at you, can a bullet bill kill mario and all of his game of thrones theories. Matthew robert patrick, known as matpat, is the coowner and primary host of the game theorists, the film theorists and gt livethe other being his wife, stephanie cordato. Do you ever wonder what secrets could be hiding in your favorite games. This is a pretty tiny theory and matpat probably said this, i believe that ennard is the yellow bunny here is a reason im still collecting information so this is a unfinished fan theory if anyone agrees with me please tell me what you think and i will add it to my finished post. After graduating from college in 2009, he auditioned for theatrical roles in new york. I can tell you why mario might be a sociopath and the scientific way to kill deadpool. His spinoff film theory centers on cinema and internet filmography. All orders are custom made and most ship worldwide within 24 hours. I know it has 2 moons and a stripe around the planet like the how we see the milkyway.

In 2015, patrick created one of youtubes first live. Matpat also has a channel called the film theorists, and a youtube red series called matpat s game lab part of staying relevant in the information age is being able to diversify your portfolio into many different branches and interests. The game theorists channel on youtube was first created august 23rd, 2009. Matthew patrick was born on november 15, 1986 in medina, ohio, usa as matthew robert patrick. In his zootopia video, matpat cautioned viewers that his film theory and game theory series are intended for introducing people to new ideas that they can then research themselves and that the videos shouldnt be taken completely at face value.

Does matpat still have an email address you can use to. We are creators and strategists committed to the future of. It tackles theories on not only the subject of film, but television shows as well. I spend my life overanalyzing video games, movies, and tv. The gtlive channel was created as a place for viewers to watch the live streams streamed by patrick and his wife stephanie, in case they were previously unable to view them. Meta runner theory for matpat is tari and sofias sister. I can go over on how matpat s comparisons to the wii u to the virtual boy dont make sense or every other moment but my biggest dmos comes in when matpat starts talking about the cost. Matthew robert patrick born november 15, 1986, also known by his screen name matpat, is an american internet personality, the creator and narrator of the youtube webseries game theory, where he comments on topics such as the logic, scientific accuracy, and lore of various video games and the gaming industry. I am relying here on matpat s theories about minecraft, especially the ones with illagers.

Oliver julian ollie patrick is the son of matpat and stephanie. All the theories on five nights at freddys, fnaf 2, fnaf 3, anf fnaf 4, aka. Stephanies pregnancy was revealed on march 12, 2018 around six months after. According to the theories made by matpat a race of builders existed prior to the starting of the gamea new world, at some point they came out of the end portal and brought. This theory i am showing here while not the worst game theory episode it isnt the best either. Also, i feel like game theory is sponsored every other episode. Creator and producer of the youtube channels the game theorists and the film theorists. Discuss the films, the shorts, the sequel and any frozen literature and the possible future of the franchise. As part of theorist operations, matthew or matpat as audiences know him also. His internet franchise is represented through screwattack. So many that i could do a crazy amount of theories on it. The channel is essentially the same as game theory, except that matpat theorizes on film, webseries, and youtube videos occasionally. Near the end of the march, 2018 live stream, it was revealed that the baby was due to be born on july 4, 2018, however, he was born five days later. Why do so many people hate game theorists and film.

Patricks company theorist, which he runs with his wife stephanie, signed a 12month contract with viacom to work across all of its brands, which include mtv, vh1 and comedy central. On june 2nd, 2015, matpat created another channel named the film theorists which has a spinoff to game theory, which is called film theory. I believe that this supports matpats theory although i do not know if the jaguar was alive at the correct time. Videogamefan5 matpats new channel the film theorists, is just as bad as his game theory channel, his film theories are basically based on either films that came out, or new films, either way, they still have loads of lies in them and i am also surprised that somebody didnt make this list sooner. So the very earliest rey would have been dropped off on jakku is at age 11 according to the theory, but in the movie shes very clearly a small child and not a pre teen. Matthew robert matt patrick, also known by his nickname matpat, is an american youtube educator, live streamer, and media researcher and theorist who. The film theorists takes on a very similar style as the game theorists, but instead focuses, as the channels name suggests, on film and television. Its matpat umatpatgt from the game theorists and film theorists on youtube.

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