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Councils allowable stress deign asdlrfd manual for engineered wood. The properties of a plywood beam thus depend on the properties in the span direction of each ply and on the construction of the plywoodthatis, on the thickness and number of plies. In addition to strength, modulus of elasticity and shear modulus the density and section. Our baltic birch plywood has a wide range of applications, and is fully exterior with a wbp gluelinefacing is a bbcp quality, which we call a bbwg. Plywood is a material manufactured from thin layers or plies of wood veneer that are glued together with adjacent layers having their wood grain rotated up to 90 degrees to one another. For 12 and up, the highedst quality birch plywood is generically calld baltic birch because it is manufactured in scandinavia and western russia and the small countries around the baltic sea. We have a, b, and c grade which is used in highly visible areas, like furniture or end panels on cabinets. Softwood is a type of plywood that manufacturers make using softwoods, like pine, redwood, or cedar.

There is always an odd number of veneers and each ply is at a right angle to the one below, which gives the material superior stability and strength. Baltic birch plywood is a popular material for a wide range of projects. Kretschmann contents orthotropic nature of wood 41 elastic properties 42 modulus of elasticity 42 poissons ratio 42 modulus of rigidity 43 strength properties 43 common properties 43 less common properties 424 vibration properties 425. The applicable section properties table c can be divided into load capacity to. The top countries of suppliers are vietnam, china, from which the percentage of baltic birch plywood wholesale supply is 1%, 98% respectively. Convenient to transport, install and customize your project needs. Plywood panel to phenolic glue exclusively constructed with steamed birch wood.

For 12 and up, the highedst quality birch plywood is generically calld baltic birch because it is manufactured in scandinavia and western russia and the small countries around the. Hardwoods are best for things like furniture, packing cases, sporting equipment, musical instruments, and other. The birch exterior plywood r, thanks to its particular composition, is characterised by high mechanical properties and a favourable weightperformances ratio. Baltic birch plywood is one of the most versatile hardwood plywood options available.

All plywood runs the risk of warping, and the most common type of warp in plywood is bowing. Baltic birch is manufactured using multiply consisting equally thick sheets of birch veneer that is crossbanded. Load capacities, which are presented here for allowable stress design asd table a, are applicable to plywood panels qualified in accordance with teco test protocol. Wood and woodbased products are widely used as interior wall, ceiling, and floor surfaces in all types of buildings. Why should i use baltic birch plywood for my next project.

Finland and russia both export baltic birch to the u. This plywood is graded iiiii and has all birch solid inner plies with no voids for durability and strength. Baltic birch a quality performer for any application. A wide variety of baltic birch plywood wholesale options are available to you, such as outdoor. Tropical hardwood throughout plywood from one of the largest producers in malaysia from legitimate well managed forests. The simple leaves are alternate, singly or doubly serrate, featherveined, petiolate and stipulate. Constructed with more veneers per unit of thickness than other types of plywood. Mdf the toxic chemicals would be formaldehyde and its present in both products. Nominal panel thickness table b assists in calculation of geometric crosssectional properties. Baltic birch plywood sheets cherokee wood products. Baltic birch hdp has a fine grain and does not have holes or gaps between the. Manufacturers glue the layers of wood at right angles to one another to create an incredibly strong finish.

This panel is an exceptional performer when strength is desired, when either the face veneer or panel edges are exposed, or when a pleasing edge appearance is needed. When you start to look at thicker plywood, it gets more interesting. Loadspan tables for ps1 plywood pacific wood laminates. Crossbanding means the grain of these thin veneers are stacked perpendicularly and bonded together with exterior grade glue providing exceptional strength and screw holding attributes. With a nearly voidfree core, 100% birch innerplies and more plies than traditional domestic plywood, baltic birch panels are extremely stable, strong and perform exceptionally well in a wide range of applications.

China birch plywood manufacturers select 2020 high quality birch plywood products in best price from certified chinese plywood manufacturers, plywood supply suppliers, wholesalers and. Baltic birch plywood used to be main material in furniture manufacturing in europe and usa. Handbook of finnish plywood finnish plywood 1 finland has developed its expertise as the major european plywood producer over the last 100 years. Baltic birch plywood is an excellent material for cabinet backs, drawer sides and bottoms, as well as jigs and fixtures and scroll saw work that will be painted. Each 7ply sheet is assembled with a soybased purebond technology to fortify its structural integrity, with the added benefit of being formaldehydefree so it wills not offgas toxic. Handbook of finnish plywood 10 grades of finnish birch face veneers in accordance with sfs 24 b i pin knots permitted.

It is an engineered wood from the family of manufactured boards which include mediumdensity fibreboard mdf and particle board chipboard all plywoods bind resin and wood fibre sheets cellulose cells. The various types of plywood youll find in the hardware store can make your shopping trip seem overwhelming but understanding how they differ is the key to deciphering what the best kind is for your project. As with any natural wood product, quality can be variable. Russian baltic birch plywood has more than 50 years of proven service as a high quality structural panel that meets the most demanding standards in the industry. Russian birch baltic birch packard forest products. In general, the plywood can withstand direct exposure to air and water during building stage in construction. Birch plywood, used in cabinets, may not have waterproof glue and there are voids in the internal plys.

This plywood is a functional grade material composed of birch from parts of russia. It is very stable composed of an inner voidfree core of crossbanded birch plys with an exterior grade adhesive. Veneered construction gives these decorative purebond birch plywood project panels the strength, flatness and rigidity to satisfy the most discerning craftsman. Items like drawer sides, drawer bottoms, table tops are very often made of baltic birch plywood. Baltic birch marineplywood 2440 x 1220mm worldpanel. Maple is also made into hdp, but baltic birch is commonly preferred.

Russian birch baltic birch russian birch plywood is desired for its multiple plies of birch veneer that provide superior stability and strength. However, baltic birch has the odds stacked in its favor much better than other plywood, chiefly in 12. Dca1 flame spread performance of wood products used for. The phenol gluing is suitable for exterior applications en 314 class 3. The purpose of this report is to test birch plywood types with special veneer layup schemes and compare values of bending strength and modulus of elasticity determined for plywood species of different widths and at bending flatwise and edgewise.

You also might find sheet goods made with mdf mediumdensity fiberboard core, and though its 100% solid, mdf is soft and just doesnt have. The multiply construction helps to provide a consistent, stable, strong and aesthetically attractive panel at an affordable price. Each ply is a very consistent 3mm, and there are typically more plies than standard plywood. Whether you are a manufacturer or distributor of russian or baltic birch plywood, youll find in our inventory. We also offer multiply sound faced birch underlayment plywood for vinyl and tile installation in your home or commercial application. Regular exterior plywood has waterproof glue and one side knots filled with footballs but there are voids in the plys. Mediumdensity fiberboard mdf is generally cheaper than plywood, but it is not as hard and can sag under heavy weight.

Baltic birch plywoods most desirable quality is its strength. Baltic birch plywood is a product of an area around the baltic sea. Birch species are generally small to mediumsized trees or shrubs, mostly of northern temperate and boreal climates. Baltic birch is offered from both non certified and fsc certified forests in russia, which contain more than one fifth of the worlds forests. Mechani cal properties most commonly measured and represented as strength properties for design include modulus of rupture in bending, tension strength paralleltosurface, tension strength perpendiculartosurface, compression strength paralleltosurface, shear strength, fastener holding strength, and hardness. Hardwood plywood typically has between three and seven layers and uses hardwoods, like birch, maple, oak, and walnut. Closed splits and checks permitted up to an individual length of 100 mm and one per metre of panel width.

Birch plywood is ideal for small repairs or craft projects. Finnish birch, russian birch, and baltic birch plywood. They often appear in pairs, but these pairs are really borne on spurlike, twoleaved, lateral branchlets. Birch plywood, plywood products, floor boards, imported. The requirements for the grades of bonded joints are enacted by european the standard en 3,4. Apa 1981 and represent a consensus opinion of the makers, sellers, and users of plywood products as well as other concerned parties. However, baltic birch plywood is generally regarded as being of higher quality than standard birch plywood. Baltic birch plywood bbb grade cherokee wood products. Guidelinewood ijoist asd manual for engineering wood. Mdf doesnt handle moisture very well, either, so it is more suited for indoor use, such as in furniture.

These values are listed in apas plywood design specification pds, and are recognized by the model building codes. Woodcraft woodshop baltic birch plywood 3mm18 x 12 x 12. Baltic birch plywood baird brothers fine hardwoods. Apa 1981 and represent a consensus opinion of the makers, sellers, and users of plywood. Baltic birch is the same as other plywoods in a few ways as well. Ideal for cabinet making, routing, scroll sawing or for applications requiring high stability. Youll want the same level of attention to toxicity for both products. Baltic birch is not immune, its still a wood product. We also carry a light weight specialty plywood for specific jobs, where weight is an issue. The face veneers are thicker than traditional cabinet grade plywood. Baltic birch plywood sheets are not a specific species of birch, but is a general designation of plywood from russia and nearby baltic states such as finland. Product properties russian birch plywood is made by gluing together a multiple plies of birch veneer. The back allows 36 colormatched patches, which are oval in shape. The filling of voids and knots or use of plys with out imperfections insures uniform structural properties.

Production of plywood was very much improved in baltic countries especially in russia during last 15 years. Because of its wide range of uses, its important to understand the quality levels available with baltic birch plywood and what you can expect to find with each. It has a clean and smooth surface, and it holds nails and screws well. Technical data standard birch plywood richwise australia. Another versatile plywood material is baltic birch. Today finnish processed birch plywood is one of the most advanced wood based panel products for a wide variety of demanding end uses in the construction, vehicle and other specialist industries. This type of plywood is commonly used to build cabinets and boxes. Wood handbookchapter 4mechanical properties of wood. Like every other manufactured wood panel baltic birch generic term plywood comes in different grades and although all russian and finnish birch ply may look the she it can be made for interior, exterior or concrete formwork applications. The following faceback veneer grades are available from our warehouse facilities. This study investigated the physical and mechanical properties of birch plywood, which are classified as follows. There are 279 suppliers who sells baltic birch plywood wholesale on, mainly located in asia. The studied properties were and bsmoe, determined according to the grain.

Apr 26, 2016 baltic birch is the same as other plywoods in a few ways as well. However in permanent exterior structures plywood must be properly surfaced, edges sealed. The fruit is a small samara, although the wings may be obscure in some. It has multiple plies of birch veneer that provide superior stability and strength. Birch plywood importers since 1998 commercial supplier of european birch plywood direct to industry in pack volumes we offer the widest range of birch plywood panels and components from europe and russia contact us for a quote on 01992 410333 as importers, we are set up to deal in commercial volumes to companies full packs for standard items. These standards have evolved over time from earlier documents ohalloran 1979, 1980. This report presents data from tests of plywood of various ply thicknesses and numbers. We have shop grade, which is used mostly for cabinet box construction. Baltic birch plywood is graded with a face and back grade designation.

Baltic birch plywood is uniformly constructed with equal thickness veneers entirely of birch. In a nutshell, baltic birch plywood is made entirely from birch. Other knots and holes permitted up to 6 mm diameter, limited to a cumulative diameter of 12 mm per m2. Unfinished marine baltic birch wholepiece face veneer plywood in thicknesses from 6mm or 14. Whether you are a manufacturer or distributor of russian or baltic birch plywood, youll find in our inventory durable, highestquality plywood at costeffective prices. Mechanical properties of clear straightgrained wood 426 natural characteristics affecting mechanical properties 427 specific gravity 427 knots 427 slope of grain 428 annual ring orientation 430. Sep 21, 2017 finland and russia both export baltic birch to the u. Birch plywood meets requirements of standard en6362. This is a more expensive option, as it has clean edges and has a nice finish. Its strength, uniformity and coloration make it useful for both finished and exposed wood applications. Today finnish processed birch plywood is one of the most advanced. Face veneers are considered clear and free of defects with a lightuniform color.

Originally manufactured for european cabinet makers but now popular in the united states as well. Baltic birch or russian birch plywood is uniquely manufactured plywood consisting of multiple ply layers of birch veneer per sheet. Which means it still contains formaldehyde, still molds, warps, absorbs moisture, is flammable. The properties of a plywood beam thus depend on the properties in the span direction of each ply and on the construction of the plywood thatis, on the thickness and number of plies. Appearance, acoustical qualities, and interior design versatility have made wood surfaces highly desired by architects, designers, and building ocupants. Russian birch plywood is also known commonly as baltic birch plywood. Crosscut hardwoods has many types of birch plywood in stock.

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